Video calling with impact.

In today’s world we are ‘all on television’. We connect with one another through screen and sound, via Zoom, Teams or other online platforms. This adds an additional challenge to our communication: Besides the filter of our own communicative skills such as our comprehensibility, our voice, physical presentation and facial expression, we now also need to take lighting, sound and technique into account.


How do you make sure that your conversations come across as customer-friendly, engaged and personal as possible? How do you prevent fatigue or too business-like a vibe from diminishing the connection with your team? Which influences affect our communication, what role does our ‘reptilian brain’ play in this process and which factors will instantly benefit your communication?


With 30 years of experience in the media world, the paramedical profession and customer contact, we know the skills people are capable of training up to a high professional level. We can pinpoint exactly where and how there are advantages to be gained in non-verbal communication, both in the human aspects of communication (body language, facial expression, physical appearances) as well as in audio and visual techniques.

You have the remote control…..Use it.


Why? Hybrid working requires more than just knowing how to work in Teams and Zoom. Video calling often leads to more distance and fatigue and less team spirit. This training provides you with the same insights that media professionals are taught: How to make it work on screen and audio. 

Our approach.

Our approach. This training is offered live online from our professional studio. Recognizable situations are used to clarify and add humour to the theory. The training format is interactive with room for individual questions. Participants will learn through practice and leave with actionable takeaways. 


Result. You will learn everything about the power of contrast. Screen and audio are optimized, just like your own way of speaking and presenting. Your impact will become visible and audible. Even hybrid working team members will feel connected again and will be able to engage in meaningful conversations.

Behind the scenes in our studio.



‘The 34 training sessions for our employees have resulted in higher job satisfaction and less sick  leave. And it was fun too! A 9.4 as end result. Hats off’!

-General Manager IND Nederland-