We believe that knowledge about non-verbal communication will 
safeguard human connection which will lead to a better world


Within one second people judge you on your credibility and expertise.

When you speak you subconsciously convey more about yourself than you think. Your non-verbal communication always reveals some of your inner self. Your voice, facial expression, gestures and even appearance impart a secondary story which instantly evokes a subconscious reaction in others.





What we do.

Everyone speaks two languages: verbal and non-verbal. It is our job to make sure these two languages are in unison with one another. Congruence is key!

We train your non-verbal communication so that it supports the message you want to convey and improves your connection with others. You will learn techniques to enhance your influence. We have been helping people to communicate more effectively for more than 25 years, at the Media park, in-company and in our own studio. 


You will become successful and convincing in your communication. You will present and speak with influence and feel genuinely connected.

As a result you will excel in your communication, professionalism and leadership. You will create impact on your conversations and take responsibility for the outcomes, towards your customers, audience and even your personal relations.