Optimizing your communication style

When you want to convey your expertise to your clients or employees, the essential question is: how credible and convincing do you come across? We say: the more congruent, the more effective! We provide CEO’s, entrepreneurs or managers -in a short period of time- with effective tools that will instantly benefit your important presentation, talk or job interview. Perhaps you wish to convey more leadership in your communication? We help you bring out the best in yourself, in a warm and relaxing setting that is conducive to a positive and inspiring learning experience. 

We enhance your impact as a professional

Whether you are a director,  journalist, politician, CEO or manager. The way you communicate is key to your success, regardless of your level and field of expertise. We work with newsreaders and weather people from NOS and RTL, directors at Talpa, doctors at the Radboud and Erasmus hospitals, directors at KvK and Univé, mayors and councillors and ICT managers. In addition, we offer our expertise to the educational and health sector and are involved in courses at ROC’s (Regional Education Centres), Saxion University of Applied Sciences and various Academic Hospitals.  No matter how skilled and qualified you may be ; ultimately your communication is determining for your career.  

What is the planning schedule?

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Jouw tijd is kostbaar. Daarom werken we intensief en efficiënt. In de eerste training heb je een gedegen analyse te pakken. Dan weet je welk effect jouw huidige persoonlijke strategieën op je communicatie hebben. Welke indruk je maakt en of deze congruent is met je functie. En waar de winst te behalen valt. Vervolgens plannen we met jou nog twee vervolgsessies die inhoudelijk en trainingstechnisch gezien passen bij jouw einddoel. Tussen de afspraken door krijg je feedback, oefenstof en coaching online. Zie ook de download hierboven voor een schematisch overzicht. 

What do our clients say?

‘Thank you Debby and Daan! Your advice and observations have been tremendously helpful and I am going into my presentation tomorrow with confidence, looking forward to it! Nothing but admiration for so much insight and spot-on comments in such a short period of time. Hopefully we will meet again!’

-Director at Talpa-

‘I have learned to apply my voice in various ways depending on the message I want to convey. I found Debby to be a remarkably perceptive, approachable and genuine coach. Very enjoyable to learn from her’ 

- Rositha Egberink, teamleader Rabobank Deventer -

‘Debby Mureau was recommended to me via the government in The Hague. I had been looking a long time for someone who was able to help me with presentations and proper use of my voice. Debby gave me many practical tips to work with. They still serve me well today’. 

 - Roger de Groot, mayor in the township of Noordoostpolder -