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Our training courses have been developed from 30 years of specialization within the corporate sector, the entertainment industry and the media.

We offer unique company trainings that will make the difference in human communication. Our strength is our ability to genuinely connect people. 

Everyone on television. video calling with impact


Convincing in sales and customer contact.


More vitality and less stress. Durable communication.



Quick scan. Personal analysis in 30 minutes.


Many people have already benefited from our regular courses. In addition, we develop customized trainings such as ‘the voice of’ which was designed to make team leaders more ‘voice aware’, job interview trainings, communication trainings for HR employees etcetera. Results consistently show that our trainings significantly boost employee vitality and job satisfaction. Would your company or department benefit from this as well? Contact us and let us think with you about possibilities- without any obligation! 

Client feedback

‘Thanks to Debby and Daan’s insightful and positive way of communicating, our doctors learned how to present themselves convincingly. Thank you for a great experience that is much appreciated’.

- Lizzy Boonen Advisor Leadership and Talent Development Erasmus MC -

‘The 34 training sessions for our employees have resulted in higher job satisfaction and less sick  leave. And it was fun too! A 9.4 as end result. Hats off’!

- General manager private individuals and business immigration services Ministry of Justice and Security -

‘The training ‘everyone on television’ was simply wonderful! We truly enjoyed it and shared many laughs. So many recognizable situations and even more new insights. Everyone should learn this’!

- MT and supervisors Enexis -