Twentify helps people and organizations worldwide to better connect with one another by sharing knowledge, skills and awareness in the field of nonverbal communication. We are committed to safeguarding the human element in this digital age so that people feel heard and acknowledged and remain vital. We dare to inspire our clients through passion and personality. We develop training programmes for the corporate sector and education and health care organizations. In doing so we embrace our social responsibility and are happily involved with initiatives that help safeguard the human aspect of communication. 

Customers and partners

Debby Mureau & Daan van der Zee

Formerly Ad-voice and VDZ Media. Now united in Twentify to combine their shared passion of inspiring and connecting people! The synergy between Debby and Daan is noticeably close and perfectly workable. Debby and Daan form a dynamic team that radiates warmth, insightfulness and positive energy. Together they  provide training courses in presentation and stage techniques to professionals and know how to create a pleasant and inspiring learning atmosphere; Debby through her experience as a paramedical voice and presentation trainer. Daan through his work as a visual and creative director. His studio vision and knowledge are indispensable for training sessions on camera, on stage and on-site. Central themes in the training courses are leadership, connection and influencing in communication. 

#Missionconnectnow is a hashtag that speaks to the heart of our company. It is our ultimate dream and mission to enhance the power of nonverbal, human communication worldwide. By implementing more knowledge, skills and awareness about nonverbal communication we increase our fluency in this universal ‘second language’, to help us feel more vital, attached and connected. Research shows that feeling connected is a fundamental and essential human need. Something that could be threatened in this digital age, if we do not consciously address it. But if we do, it will take us further than ever. Twentify contributes knowledge and expertise worldwide, beyond borders and cross-cultures, so that people can genuinely connect with one another and feel happier as a result. Now that’s what makes us happy!